Right song, right time

November 20, 2008

When in doubt, just make a list about music. It’s been working for Rolling Stone for the past two years, since all their long articles are just about how Barack Obama turns water into wine. Anyway, as I was driving around late one night, I got to thinking about how much music I listen to in my car, and how it provides something of a soundtrack to the moments that play out while I’m behind the wheel.

But some songs and some bands are much better suited to certain situations than to others. Would I listen to Eagles of Death Metal on the way to church? Probably not. But I also wouldn’t listen to Explosions In The Sky while driving to a pub. So without further ado, these are the bands that capture a mood for me, paired with the moods. (Note: I briefly considered making this a matching quiz that you could answer in the comments, but that’d just get confusing)


The National: Driving to meet friends

Any metal, but let’s say Isis: Cooking

Ray Charles: Reading

Explosions In The Sky: night driving

Justice: Getting somewhere fast, late at night

M.I.A.: sunroof weather

Lyle Lovett: rain

Sam Cooke: wedding planning

The Avett Bros: road trip

The Racontuers: auditory caffeine boost

Queens of the Stone Age: driving really fast around the Dog Park (aka Waugh/Memorial cloverleaf)

Wild Sweet Orange: sunset

The Hold Steady: leaving work

Zookeeper: riding with my favorite passenger

Wilco: sing-along music

Stars: driving to the airport to pick up aforementioned passenger

Ok, that’s all I can really think of.  Naturally, this list is far from comprehensive, as it doesn’t cover all the artists to whom I listen, nor does it encompass all the situations of everyday life. (I prefer absolute silence when I’m brushing my teeth, for instance)  But regardless, every moment does have a soundtrack, even if it’s just La Bamba stuck in the back of your head.


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  1. loving this.

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