Remembering how to rock

June 11, 2008

Monday night, I stepped into the Wayback Machine.  I guess technically seven years isn’t waaaay back, but that notwithstanding, it did feel like I’d climbed back into skin I hadn’t worn in a long time. 

I went to see Living Sacrifice in concert on Monday, about seven years since the last time I saw them, at a sweaty, low-ceilinged show off of Highway 105 in Conroe.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, the mighty LS was/is a seminal Christian metal band that began recording in the mid-90’s and reached its peak with 2001’s The Hammering Process.  They’re respected outside the Christian “scene” as influential in blending metal and hardcore for one of the first times.  The show this week demonstrated that they hadn’t lost their fastball during their five-year hiatus.  For a longer recap, I wrote this, but that’s not really important right now.

I’m in my late twenties now, and was kinda bemused about the prospect of being one of the “old guys” at the metal concert. Well, at least one of the old guys without hair halfway down his back.  But then I got to show, saw the kids who were there, and began thinking about who I was the last time I heard “Reborn Empowered” live.

In July 2001, I was:

  • About to enter my senior year of college.
  • Driving my recently-purchased 1995 Chevy Silverado.
  • Working for a biotech company in The Woodlands.
  • Fully intending to have a long, successful career as a molecular geneticist.
  • Listening to way too much metal and progressive hardcore.
  • Still waiting for my first serious girlfriend (who I would meet about three months later)
  • Not able to grow a full beard.
  • Desperately trying to get my hair to not have a cowlick.
  • Teaching a high school guys’ church group about Mere Christianity.
  • Wearing sneakers every day.
  • Not blogging, or even writing anything other than lab reports.

So it’s pretty different now in a lot of ways.  Mich and I were talking about it, and were both convinced that if we’d met back then, there’s no way we would’ve ever gotten together.  My desperation aggressiveness would’ve overwhelmed her, and I would’ve been an awful boyfriend even if we had gone out.  Which is probably just as well.  In a world governed by a benevolent, sovereign God, we met at just the right time.  But that doesn’t make me any less of a 20-year-old dork back when.

The even scarier thought is how I’ll look back on 27-year-old Rob in another 7 years. 



  1. They’ll never be as good as Kutless.

    Okay, that was just a bald-faced lie.

  2. Wait. You blogged without mentioning Eddie Izzard?

    I don’t think we can be friends anymore.

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