Writing Under The Influence of B-12 & Lidocaine

January 8, 2008

There are times that I consider abandoning any semblance of reasonable discourse on this blog, and just forge ahead with nothing but the rambling posts that compose an inordinate amount of my time here.  But then I wouldn’t have room for high-concept crap like the jukebox thing, and my forthcoming missive on the theology of football.  (really)   But for nights like tonight, when I feel guilty about the frequency with which I post (or don’t), nothing quite hits the spot like a little ramble.  Kind of like how as a beer snob, I have to be in just the right mood to want a cider, but when that hankering takes root, there’s nothing but a Strongbow that’ll satisfy it.  Now off to the races:

– Among the gifts that I received for Christmas, one was a gift certificate to Brooks Brothers.  While I wouldn’t ever be caught dead in one of their sweaters, or any of their pleated pants, they are a bastion of classic style, and so I purposed to get some classic accessories there.  I’m now the proud owner of a fistful of quality handkerchiefs and a burgundy and blue bow tie.  For some reason, I’m more excited about the hankies.  Maybe it’s because they’ve already come in handy during one recent emotional evening, or because they can stand in as a white pocket square in a pinch, but I’m glad I’ve got them.

-I also grabbed one of BB’s killer non-iron dress shirts, that don’t have to be dry cleaned.  Perfect for procrastinators like myself who sometimes need a shirt for a meeting the next day and only realize this fact after it’s too late to get to the cleaners.   Their tag line should be “shirts for incompetents who want to look competent”.

– If I never hear the words “Roger” and “Clemens” again, it won’t be too soon.  Yeesh.  Look around, Rocket: no one else is going to these lengths to defend themselves against the Mitchell Report.  It doesn’t make you look innocent, it makes you look petulant like a kid who got caught stealing gum at the grocery store and tries to say that he had the gum already.

– The holiday season (and I say that not to infuriate Bill O’Reilly, but because I’m referring to both Christmas and New Year’s) was rather crazy, with several firsts established:  first Christmas where I didn’t actually see my folks on the 25th,  first New Year’s Eve spent at a hospital, first time to actually get a kiss at midnight, first time my current girlfriend didn’t break up with me on the 1st,  and first time to actually buck up and take back a gift that I didn’t really want instead of pretending I liked it and then have it sit in a forgotten corner of my apartment until I throw it out when I move.

– What a difference three weeks makes.

– I spent some time over the past couple of weeks catching up on the catalogs of musicians I’ve always been told that I’d enjoy, but never got into.  Several artists and albums stood out.  The artists: Fugazi, Ray Charles, Queens of the Stone Age, The Clash, and Minutemen.  The albums: Person Pitch by Panda Bear, Exile on Main Street by the Stones, Moondance by Van Morrison,  and In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel.   The biggest surprise was Panda Bear; it’s a retarded band name that doesn’t fit their/his sound at all, but it’s beautiful, dreamy, meandering pop, the sort of stuff that Brian Wilson would’ve made in 1969 if he’d had the technology.  I guess Wilson was in bed for all those years with the hope that he’d wake up in 2007 and be able to make this album.  I’m not saying that it’ll necessarily age as well as Pet Sounds, but Panda Bear made me want to revise my Best of 2007 list.

–  Speaking of music, after listening to their music since Yankee Hotel Foxtrot came out and I made it my first-ever “I’m buying this because of the hype” music purchase (though I did the safe thing by buying it for my brother as a gift), I’m going to get to see Wilco live in March.  With the band as it exists circa Sky Blue Sky, this should be a fantastic evening.  I may even have some company for the occasion.

– After an entire season on the Texans beat for Houstonist, I’m a full fledged convert to fandom.  I don’t have any Texans gear (that’ll change as soon as it goes on end-of-season clearance at Academy), but my heart is Battle Red.  Eff the Titans and their inexplicable local fans (whether of the pathetic “they’re really the Oilers” variety or the “Vince Young parted the Red Sea” ilk), I’m going with a team on the upswing.  They’re young, fast, and defense-minded.  Watch ’em next year; they were a running game and a bunch of injuries away from the playoffs.  One player won’t change that, but a couple additions in key areas will.

– Fearless Critic and Houston: It’s Worth It.  Two books, one Christmas present.  One awesome girlfriend.

Yeah, that’s about it.  Still just crappy rambling.   But some day soon, I’ll explain why sports writers need to stop writing snarky columns saying “like God cares about football.  Pssh!” every time a player says something about God wanting his team to win.  Ooooh, exciting, huh?



  1. So hard to comment on a post like this without feeling like I’m going to completely alter (read: “Screw up”) the intended message of the post and have the comments going off in some meandering way, always leading away from the real meat and risotto of the post in favor of the side salad dressing and its ilk.

    But, on a post so wide and varied as this, I can’t resist. I really like the ramble with intent to inform. It’s almost a rant. And I really like those. I may have to do one of those soon.

    Wilco- best concert I never saw the end of at Red Rocks, Colorado. My friend and I left due to getting too much second-“handshake drugs” in the cheap seats. It was thick as fog, but the music was fun.

    Missed you in NYE; you’re a better brother/son than I am- I wouldn’t have been caught dead in a hospital where someone wasn’t dying that I needed to see that night (unless I was working of course, and that would still be a good reason to be there, just with less protestations). But then I’ve also been around a number of deliveries, and most of them have a whole lot of stuff you don’t want to be there for, 10-20 minutes of nice stuff, and then you’d better get out because Mama’s tired and needs some sleep. I probably should have slept before writing this comment, come to think of it. Oh well. There’s always tomorrow.

  2. I’m impressed that you can fit in Brooks Brothers shirts. I got one but it ballooned all over me. And they said they wouldn’t stock fitted shirts until January.

    …unless you spent your gift certificate in January. Hmm.

  3. the texans? do you even LIKE football? or are you just torturing all the football fans out there. 😛

    but seriously. I’ve lived in texas all my small life and I wouldn’t be caught dead vouching for the texans. I can’t stand behind you on that.
    (on that note, greenbay’s going all the way baby.)

  4. January 8th? That’s a little while ago. I know you aren’t some lazy guy who’s been on vacation for a month ;), but give me a break, I want to hear more!!! I want a report on my desk/screen in the morning, Soldier!

  5. Where’s that football theology?

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