This Was Supposed To Be Coherant

December 4, 2007

But when you start off the week with a migraine, your ability to put together anything that even remotely resembles a cohesive narrative definitely suffers. So what you’re left with is another rambling blog post about nothing in particular, but everything in general. Which, I suppose, isn’t all bad. So here we go:

– I need to write here more often, if only to remind myself what it’s like to write in first person. Having to use the royal “we” over at Houstonist is like nails on a chalkboard at times.

– Not that I’m complaining about Houstonist, mind you.

– Thanksgiving was nice in a “good grief, how’d I get so tired?” kind of way. When your compass points to Conroe and Katy and points in between all weekend, with precious little chill time, you end up longing for Monday if only to get out of your damn car.

– Not that I’m complaining about Vesper, mind you.

– December looks about as busy, but spread over a longer time period. Which is good, I guess. After spending the past couple of years celebrating my birthday in a pretty laid-back fashion, my birthday falls on a Monday (free beer at the Saucer!) and the lovely Miss McNamara is planning something delicious. Should be fun.

– Not that I’m complaining about my birthday, mind you. (I have no idea how long I can keep this up)

– I’m seen as something of an authority on baseball within my social circle now. How crazy is that? Sure, it seems as though I’ve got a stronger handle on what the Astros are doing this offseason than Richard Justice does (does he snuggle up at night under a blanket with Chris Burke’s face on it? and does that blanket swing at bad pitches like it’s going out of style?) but I’m hardly a real expert. Unless….*runs to see if he can interview Ed Wade*

– Not that I’m complaining about the Chronicle’s sports coverage, mind you. (actually I am. this whole conceit dies here.)

– One of these days, I’ll actually interview a band or person on Houstonist that I’m not friends with, or where I have no previous connection. Until then, time to review Monica Pope’s new restaurant!

– I found my ticket stub from the Explosions In The Sky show in March (!), and that got me to thinking about the shows I’ve seen this year. Here they are, as best I can recall: Mute Math, Explosions In The Sky, The Hold Steady (with Illinois), Okkervil River, Guy Forsyth (3X), Trout Fishing In America, Junior Brown, The Avett Brothers, Girl Talk, Nickel Creek (2X), Zookeeper (2X), Ethan Durelle (2X), Two Tons of Steel (2X), The Church of Philadelphia (2X), Hollywood Black, and last but not least, Meryll. Throw in Asylum Street Spankers and possibly This Will Destroy You to finish the year, and the hits outweigh the misses (Bloc Party, Spoon, etc.) by far.

– New Favorite Nickname: Mr. Tummnus. This one will be nearly impossible to top. Especially when it’s delivered with the lisp of a 9 year old.

– Why oh why can’t we get these in the States?

Ok, that’s enough rambling. I will update more often because we are tired of we.



  1. You do sound precious when you lisp like a 9-year-old.

  2. That should be Coherent! 😉

    The reason I love the name Richard so much is that you can call a guy Dick, and can get away with it. And Dick Justice sounds like a spunky (oops on that pun) comic book character.

    Now if the ‘Stros can find some starting pitching, next season might, just MIGHT, be worth watching.

  3. – Isn’t ‘Mr Tumnus’ from the Narnia books?

    – Not that I’ve ever read them, mind you.

  4. Bloc Party was a bust? How disappointing.

  5. We don’t mind the rambling (speaking for all of us readers), it reminds us of ourselves (speaking for myself alone in the royal sense).
    -not that personal pronouns should be avoided, mind you, but we believe (in a royal declarative sense) that one should always use them appropriately when referring to oneself, whether in the singular or royal sense.
    Sorry. We were on a rant again…

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