Hope Springs Eternal

November 2, 2007

For the past year and a half, there has been a gaping hole in the soul of Houston, a scar on Shepherd and a blight on a city already struggling to build credibility. A place where people from many walks of life, with many differing opinions and tastes could convene under the shared banner of fandom, was taken from us too soon, a victim of years and replaced only with retail and a sad reminder in the form of a vacant sign. But all is no longer lost: forces have stirred, and the city of Houston has received a gift.

Cactus Records is back.

It’s not at the landmark location on the corner of Shepherd and Alabama, but it is in a similarly Art Deco location just a few blocks away. All the music is back, though the video rental has (like VHS) gone the way of the dinosaur. The in-store performances will be back. The manager of 20 years at the old location is back. It’s not a revival like the bastard Gilley’s that’s been discussed.

Finally, no more trips to Vinyl Exchange for lousy service and poor selection or Best Buy for hit-and-miss selection and technicolor sensory overload. Finally, a chance to slightly overpay for good music and feel like you’re actually helping the artists. Finally, a place to remember the past trips to Cactus (for Weezer rarities, local artists, and random releases) while building new memories.

In addition, the new location is going to have music-related art on site, too. The opening exhibit is Dia De Los Muertos-inspired depictions of famous dead musicians. Yup, sounds like Cactus. Time for 30 more great years.
Cactus Sign



  1. I’m happy that Cactus is back, but c’mon, enought with the “Houston isn’t a real city like Chicago and all those ones back East” undertones (“struggling for credibility”). You’ve been reading too much from your stable mates over at that other blog. Quoting a song sold many times at Cactus, i say to the proponents of making Houston a “world class” city “Screw you, we’re from Texas.”

  2. Here, here! I’m glad Cactus is back, too. I mean where else can you get up close and personal with musicians as bad as Jackopierce and as good as Sarah MacLachlan while shopping for music by both the famous and local?

    Oh and don’t misunderstand, as much as I loved Cactus Records, it is not as though someone moved the football team and then said, “psyche!” and brought it back. Now, THAT, would have been awesome. Even with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named as the owner, it would have still been “our team.” Cactus, part deux, might be cool, but we will have to wait and see.

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