September 6, 2007

With all the other writing I’ve been doing lately, this blog has definitely suffered from a severe case of inattention. Moreover, there are some events in my life right now that I’m not yet ready to share with the wider world, for fear of severe physical retaliation from the parties involved. (Hi out there! Still not talking about it, see?) It’s not for lack of stuff to write about, though; I feel like the past couple of months have presented me with so many opportunities to stretch myself that it’s almost overwhelming like drinking from a firehose. So here’s the high points, just so that those of you who only keep track of me via this blog don’t think I’m dead or suffering from a horrible typing-hand injury.

Houstonist is a blast, if a little crazy at times. I’m really proud of getting the news of the Garner/Purpura firing up within half an hour of the actual news. I vacillate between feeling like a real journalist and another voice drowned out in the cacophony of internet discussion of sports. Regardless, it’s stretching me as a writer in ways that I never thought it would, and that’s a very good thing.

-This apartment (or more specifically, the street in front of it) is cursed. A few months after my iPod got snatched in a window punch snatch-n-grab, I lost my car for three weeks when it flooded during a tropical depression while sitting in front of the house. Nothing mechanical was hurt, but the electrical system wasn’t so lucky. I need a garage, stat.

-Job hunting is both exciting and tedious in equal measure. You’d have to check in with me daily to determine which of those emotions I’m feeling. But I’ve got a couple of really strong leads that will hopefully result in something by the end of next week.

-I interviewed a band. Now THAT’S some journalist stuff if I’ve ever seen it. Except that I got half of the quotes backward because the two guys sound very similar on tape. Don’t ask me which half I got wrong. Also, Church of Philly is a lot of fun live and they’re all super-nice people. Some of them even know people I went to college with, and even dated. Seriously.

The Avett Brothers are rocking my face right now. Like, this instant.

– My friends look out for me in ways that I sometimes don’t appreciate. This we all know, and it’s likely true about everyone who is reading this right now. But what’s really mind blowing is when friends of friends (or family of friends) are looking out for you when they barely know you. Such a cool feeling.

– I’m almost halfway to my next plate at the Saucer.

And that’s all I have to say about that.



  1. blog tease…
    the houstonist stuff is pretty good

  2. You’re the second writer that I have found through my involvement on Houstonist who seems to doubt their writing ability. Guess what, we kinda all do that regardless of how great people tell us we are. Roll with it, ride the wave, but don’t ever get cocky; it’ll show in your work.

    Of course, I thought you were a good writer until you compared Jacoby Jones potential to David Carr. I will annoint the “Curse of Rob” if anything happens to our badass rookie this season.

    As for all the other stuff, again, roll with it. On the job front, let me know what you’s be lookin’ for; it never hurts to have another pair of ears listening for openings.

  3. Dude, I read your Houstonist articles everyday. And that says a lot, because I hate/boycott the entire journalism industry. Well, except for the stats on ESPN…

    It’s nice that I have a personal relationship with my journalist, because I already have context for how you’re going to spin stories. 😉

  4. I hear on the job search. I am in the same boat. One day I love the freedom of not having a set place to live or the responisibility of having to be somewhere 9-5, but other days there is that terrible sinking feeling that things will go on like this forever and I’ll end up under a bridge somewhere. But, as you said there are those friends, even the ones that you hardly remember meeting that take care take care of you like you were their best friend. Hang in there. It will come together. And when it does it will be fabulous!

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