Dog Days

July 17, 2007

Summer malaise is upon us. The cicadas and bugs trill to stay cool or get laid, the cats at our apartment complex lay in the sun and stare at you as though you were supposed to bring them a silver platter of delicacies, and every car A/C unit cowers in fear for the first ten minutes of every drive. It’s the perfect weather for staying inside and doing nothing all day, and then venturing outside only to feed and drink after dark. It makes you feel like some kind of predatory mammal on the African savanna.

It wrecks other changes in your life. I’ve switched wholesale from hot coffee to iced. I’ve started using Gold Bond powder to keep from soaking through t-shirts and so that I can continue in my ongoing quest to turn into a 73 year old man by the time I’m 30. I buy seersucker compulsively now, for the comfort and coolness instead of the style points. I read a lot more because you don’t sweat when you read. The Farmer’s Market has gone from the highlight of my week to a grueling endurance race against dehydration.

Is there any deeper meaning here? Does the weather presage a personal or professional doldrums? Not really, at least in my case. Though I feel like I’ve said this multiple times since moving to Christ the King almost three years ago, things seem to be coming together quite nicely. The summer has given me time to sit back (in the shade) and take it all in. It seems that the weather is the only thing that’s causing me to sweat these days.


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