Loose Ends

July 4, 2007

Well, I’ve successfully procrastinated on several topics to the point that I won’t be able to do any of them the justice that they deserve. Instead, you, o patient reader, will get a half-assed summary of the past couple of weeks. It’s just that I’ve been reeling from my devastating loss in the Ladies… bracket and getting out of bed was hard enough. (yeah right.)

First up, the Hunniford wedding in Columbus and the road trip that it necessitated. The things I’m most proud about here: I can finally say that I know how to drive a manual transmission, I saw the Chunky River (it flows with Campbell’s Big Beefy Potato Stew), and I tried Skyline Chili. But most importantly, two of my favorite people were finally united in holy matrimony, ending the awkwardness of what on earth to call the house that they purchased this spring together. “I’m going to the Hunnifords to watch Lost.” “But they’re not the Hunnifords yet.” “Dammit. Now I’m late and I’ll never know why Jack’s full beard has less grey in it than his stubble.” Where was I? Oh yeah: I’ve determined that rural Ohio is a great place to be from. As a place to be, well…

Next, a quick note in praise of the Hummingbird Brewery. The new beers are being cranked out and released on a bi-weekly basis or so, which makes the whole experience of tasting each new home brew not unlike tuning in to a favorite tv show. Each visit brings some new palate moving experience. Keep up the good work, fellas.

I really intended to do a right proper review of the new Ethan Durelle album, Talks To The Dark, but time and other musical interludes have washed away the first impression that I had when I first received the album in the mail. My fandom of their music is certainly no secret around here, but this album is truly a leap forward for them. From the jazzy breakdown of Big Ending to the sinister drone of Downtown Man, there’s new territory being explored all over. The biggest revelation for me is the album closer, Horns of the Altar. Knowing some of the personal band history that likely influenced the writing of this song, its raw, broken vocals and bleak yet faithful hope are an encouragement and a sure-fire “hairs on the back of your neck” moment with each listen. I can’t wait to hear the newer songs live in August.

While we’re on the subject of music, the new White Stripes album is great. The dark experimentalism of Get Behind Me Satan is gone, in favor of the time-tested formula of earlier albums like White Blood Cells and De Stijl. Still crossing my fingers that they’re going to hit Dallas or Houston around ACL. Also, just recently found this band Cabin. Whoa. Just whoa.

I cried a little when Craig Biggio got his 3,000th hit. I realized that he’s been an Astro since I was six years old. Six! Think about what you were doing when you were six. That’s the year that he got his first hit. In an Astros uniform. Of the 27 players to get 3,000, only 7 or 8 did it with a single team. Craig is Houston baseball.

Helmet of Grime

Finally, props to my little brother JM, for not realizing what happens when you have sex with your wife. In so doing, you’ve bought me 12 more months of grace about my current singleness. I knew you’d come through for me when I needed it most.


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  1. That’s okay- you should see how bad my blogging has become.
    Ah the Hummingbird Brewery. Better than Old Milwaukee! (at least I think it is, I’ve never tried O.M.)

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