The Most Intense Shit You’ve Ever Seen

May 29, 2007

I’m not really one for frivolous profanity (there is, I believe, such a thing as non-frivolous profanity); this is one of the many things that Criss Angel and I do not have in common. The title of this post is a quote from his tv show, Mindfreak. During a lull in the action this weekend, we watched part of an episode where Mr. Angel promised to put on a display of magic that would include “the most intense shit you’ve ever seen.” The “shit” consisted of the age-old “cut the string and then have it return to one piece” gag and almost running over Carrot Top with a motorcycle. At least the latter promised to be satisfying, uplifting even, had things gone wrong. In the end, we all agreed we’d seen more intense shit elsewhere.

I begin with the example of the magic show to demonstrate that it’s often hard to meet people’s expectations. After a stunningly awesome introduction to the Hotel Room Five back in March, any reunion would almost necessarily be a letdown. Group dynamics over four days instead of twelve marathon hours would be different. The joy of discovery would have passed, replaced by heightened expectations and closer relationships than those that initially existed.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I had an absolute blast tooling around the District and NOVA this weekend. We made a new set of memories that are in a lot of ways more significant and lasting than the flash-in-a-pan nature of the first weekend together. New running jokes (like the Angel quote) and catch phrases evolved, shared experiences told deeper stories about the members of the group, and some phenomenal food was consumed in the process.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t make mention of our pentultimate destination on Sunday night. Brickskeller‘s is a bar in the DuPont Circle area of DC that features a beer list so staggering that I just sat there with a stupid grin for the longest time before realizing that the nice lady needed me to pick out one of the hundreds of beers to drink myself. Additional fun was derived from being the de facto sommelier of the group, and picking out beers for the members of the group based on their tastes and personalities. Regardless, everyone got to try the beauty that is Belgian beer. Mission accomplished.

Now that I’m back in Houston, the companionship and comradarie that we had last weekend is coming into tighter focus. It’s particularly special to think that this same vibe can be instantly recreated in almost any place on the map. I guess November in Denver will tell for sure.



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  1. I still say it was “wildest sh*t,” not “intense.”

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