Gigantic Turkey Sub Makes a Good Point

May 22, 2007

Also, I want to be Captain Pajama Shark.


I’m off to DC tomorrow. Anybody want anything while I’m up there?

In a related story, Wilco’s song Walken off their new album is probably the best song I’ve heard all year. It barely knocks off Welcome Ghosts by Explosions in the Sky and Horns Of The Altar by Ethan Durelle.

And for those of you who were interested, the blueberry bourbon ribs were phenomenal. Rubbed ’em with cayanne, chili powder, white pepper, ancho chile, minced onion, and sea salt overnight. (not literally. I did stop rubbing after a while and went to bed.) Then after an hour on the grill, I slathered them with the Sauce, which contained blueberry preserves, Knob Creek bourbon, whole red chiles, more ancho, extra virgin olive oil, and orange blossom honey. Suffice to say, minds were blown.



  1. When do you return from The District? I owe you a trip to Mark’s. (Though if I really loved you we’d hop in a car and go to Commander’s Palace.)

    Who gets killed by bees?!

  2. Mustard is a good way to cut out weedless taste and probably better for you than most business meetings!

    enjoy that capitol. It’s late, I know, but if you have a chance, go the the Old Ebbitt Grill on 15th. It’s good eats.

  3. Just saw this – hilarious. haha

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