Very Odds and Ends

May 11, 2007

As I approach my Memorial Day trip to The District, I’m reminded of how infrequently I travel for pleasure these days. I’m specifically excluding wedding-related trips since those matrimonially-inspired sojourns, while fun in their own right, hardly qualify as a vacation.

Naturally, I travel a lot for work. These trips are rarely to garden spots anymore (Goodbye, Miami. Hello, Sioux City!) and definitely have nothing to do with relaxation. Unless you’re a sadist. The romance and mystique of business travel is so far in my rearview mirror as to be virtually invisible.

Which is why DC is going to be so much fun. I love cities and Washington is one of my faves to visit. It’s busy, it has good public transportation, and great restaurants. Plus, four of my favorite people will be there, with the opportunity to add more as we go along. (Hi Jules!) I can’t wait.


”Aspiring proto-deacon” was a phrase that I used to describe myself earlier this week. The problem with that description is that I’m a huge screw up. I hardly fit even the most liberal qualifications for the diaconate (well, ok: maybe I could pull it off if I were Unitarian), and recent experience has shown that I’m more likely to be the one in need ecclesiastical support than the provider of support. Still, it helps to have a goal in mind. At this point, I’d rather be a deacon (or otherwise formally bound in church service) than be married. Seriously. I think.


Finally, I’m sitting on (not literally) some sweet looking pork ribs that I purchased at this week’s Farmer’s Market. My plans for them involve the words ”blueberry-bourbon glaze.” The one thing I lack is a place, time, and occasion for which to prepare them. I’m opening the floor to suggestions. Anything that doesn’t involve the words ”Roger Clemens Yankees debut” will be considered.



  1. Ribs sound yum… my suggestion is anywhere – any reason – just make sure to invite me.

  2. The Ribs
    Place: Chris & Lindsay’s House
    Time: Wednesday Night
    Occasion: Weekly LOST viewing, and pre-show theory building and anticipation
    Who: Any and All are welcome at our house- you just might have to give an opinion on possible paint colors.

  3. Let us know how the blueberry glaze turns out. I’ve never heard of such a thing. But I’m also from Beaumont.

  4. Gah… I missed this. I’m one of your favorite people!

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