Ten Nights of Distinction

May 3, 2007

Hopefully this will become something of a recurring feature. I’m gonna throw some concert dates up here for a couple reasons: 1) if I ever go missing while at a show, you’ll know which one I was at. You can start the subsequent investigation there. 2) You should come, too. Without further ado, here’s where I’m going to be on ten nights over the next several months, according to Pollstar and other sources:

5/6/07: Mute Math and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin at Meridian
One of the best live bands I’ve ever seen with the worst-named band in history that are actually good(sorry, Cinderella). I’m gonna sweat a lot this night. Plus, there’ll be more wholesome emo girls than you can shake a stick at. Not that you would.

5/13/07 NothingMore at Minute Maid Park
Come for the rock, stay for the baseball. Or maybe vice versa. Depends on how well Hunter Pence is doing at that point.

6/7/07: The Hold Steady at Walter’s On Washington.
Somehow, a band whose CD made just about everyone’s top-10 last year managed to book a gig playing the diveiest mainstream venue in the whole city. This is actually perfect, since they’re a bar band, through and through. I honestly didn’t think I’d ever get the chance to see them at a venue this size.

6/14/07: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Meridian
I’m streaming the new album, Baby 81, right now. Not quite so roots-rocky as Howl, but a more mature sound. Should be a fantastic show. I’ve passed these guys up at least three times already, so it’s about time. Besides, I want to hear my ringtone live.

6/29/07 Two Tons of Steel at Firehouse Saloon
TWO TONS! Plus, this is the night of the Police concert downtown. I’d rather be around drunk cowboys than women swooning over Sting and people ceaselessly trying to remind me that the Police were the best. band. ever. Besides, I’ll be jet lagged from DC; Shiner Bock and Two Tons sounds like the perfect cure.

7/6/07 Clay Aiken, Hobby Center for the Performing Arts

7/26/07 This Will Destroy You at Meridian
So. Pumped. These guys are from San Marcos (really) and sound a lot like Explosions In The Sky, with that whole instrumental post-rock thing going on. If the EITS show was any indication, should translate well live. I still haven’t figured out how you’re supposed to rock out at a show where you can’t sing along, though. I’m totally leaving before the headliners, Fear Before The March Of Flames, out of protest for their lame tough-sounding name. TWDY gets a pass in this category because their name is actually true, in the best way possible.

Ok, so it’s six nights, not ten. But I’m anticipating the possibility of Wilco, The White Stripes, and Interpol, given that each of those bands has a new album coming out this summer/fall. Besides, I’d drive to Dallas/Austin/SA/NOLA to see any of those guys.



  1. 1: MuteMath and SSLYBY is OK, but I figure I’ll just wait for DC Talk to get back together. Son Volt is the obvious choice for the evening, but I may not be in the mood after diving that afternoon.

    2: Two Tons are a great show, but I’d rather wait until they show back up at the Continental Club, or at least the next time they come back to the Firehouse. The Police is probably the only arena show I’ll bother going to all year. They weren’t my favorites when they were around the first time, but it still should be a good show.

    3: The Hold Steady will be a great show, now that I can convince people to go see them (last time they played Walter’s, they weren’t on anybody’s radar but mine, it seems). Any idea as to whether we can drop by Walter’s and by the tix in advance? I’m not too enthused with paying over 30% service charge on internet sales for general admission tix. Makes TicketMaster seem benevolent.

  2. Glad you crossed out Clay and good job keeping your Resolution. 😉

    I keep trying to really get into BRMC but I can’t stand how awful their production is on their albums. Hopefully this new one will be better. I’d die happy if they worked with Frank Filipetti.

    I keep crossing my fingers Arctic Monkeys and my dear Rufus Wainwright will add Houston to the list of their future shows. If I had any shread of health left in me I’d be at the Rufus show in Dallas.

  3. I guess I’m old, but maybe one of those swooning girls will realize that I’m as close to Sting as they will ever be when I’m in town for that show…

  4. A single, male friend of yours I know nothing about?

    I guess he must not go for the kind of girl who wants to be barefoot, pregnant and cooking her man a meal. I mean, otherwise I’d know about him. Right?

    And I’m not even touching that Sting comment. Oh the places I could go…

  5. Rob, you crack me up! You need to write more entries so I can be entertained here, or else . . . . But in all honesty, I enjoy reading your blog very much. Thanks man, I think about everybody there often.
    -In Him

  6. This Jennifer–speaks she of “the Doc”? Maybe she’s better off not knowing. Do you think this man who allows me to parallel-park my meager DNA next to the ample curb of his overwhelming magnificence is serious about the Sting thing?

    I know it chaps him, but someone’s gotta bring you down a notch–now and then–right? That’s what E does for you isn’t it? 🙂 Isn’t that the whole point of romance–someone to love you in spite of your god-complex, and maybe assist you in the embrace of your humanity?

    Sorry to get off the subject, music-lover. It worries me to see egos inflating and deflating so often. Especially the inflating. (You’re the one with the sword–poke the Doc for me, will ya?)

    I love you guys. Both a yuse.

  7. Steven has his Robs (or his Rob and his Robb) confused. Though I’m sure he’d love Rob as much (and in the same three-pat-on-the-back way) as the rest of us do, should he ever meet him.

  8. Why no Austin City Limits on here, Rob? Oh yeah…that’s right…you aren’t going.

    You know what will piss you off? I’m going to be there with with all those great bands and the only band I’m dying to see are The Killers. (And I’ve already seen them!) I’ve got to get off this Mormon thing. If I bump into another 3 day pass, it is yours.

  9. Thanks hon. mea culpa.

  10. (I was trying to figure out who the photo was…) Sorry Rob–

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