April 11, 2007

I’m back on the wagon, and in good style. Sunday night saw me consume several fine Belgian beers at the Ginger Man, and Monday at the Saucer was like visiting family that you only see every couple of years. (Yes, for those of you saying, “weren’t you at the Saucer every Monday throughout Lent?”, I say, shut up.)

The weather has improved significantly, which has reminded me of two things: 1) having a sunroof is one of life’s necessities when you live in a sub-tropical climate like Houston’s, and 2) I need to get a good summer driving CD to push me through whatever road trips will happen between now and September. Franz Ferdinand’s first cd filled this role admirably several years ago, Sufjan Steven’s Illinois album was the answer last year, and Cold War Kids seemed like the front runner for this summer until I realized how uneven their Robbers and Cowards album really is.

Into the breach step the Fratellis. Think Black Rebel Motorcycle Club or Uncle Tupelo with Franz Ferdinand’s rhythm section, and you’ve pretty much got it. They’ve done a recent iPod commercial, but I don’t really watch live TV except for Lost (Everything else worth watching can be had for free from the networks’ websites), so I haven’t seen it. Regardless, their Costello Music album is a foot stomping, head banging, vocal harmonizing good time. I’ve got my solution.

It seems I’ve picked up something of a second job working the info booth at the Houston Farmer’s Market that meets on Rice’s campus on Tuesdays. It’s kinda funny, because I love junk food and don’t really care if my produce is organic. But several friends work there, they have killer gelato, and there are many hot patrons. It’s a win-win-win situation. If the free range bone-in pork chops I ordered this week are as good as promised, we’ll have to add a fourth “win” to the equation.

Of course, the ultimate win would be if Michelle is able to convince St. Arnold’s Brewery to be a vendor at the market. The implications make my head spin.



  1. I would like to venture to said Farmer’s Market sometime. I have never been there. What is it like?

  2. Hey Rob! What’s going on man? It’s really boring here, so I think you need to email me a status report! Anyways, you should go to http://www.vintage cellar.com, exceeeeeeeeellent place. I’d like to hear from you.

  3. Hot patrons, huh?

    Hmm….I think I could free up some Saturdays,…need any help?


  4. Is this the market that sells the same chicken salad you can get at T’afia?

  5. Hey, Rob, how about a post about the market? It sounds really cool. Maybe even a picture or two?

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