February 13, 2007

Meanwhile, I got tagged by the itinerant Dr. Dennis this weekend, but was so befuddled by the assignment (read: I forgot) that I’m only just now getting to it.  The task was to identify six weird things about me.  This should be a walk in the park.

1. I’m a car nut, but I can’t drive stick.  To my everlasting shame, I grew up in a family whose car buying decisions were based on pragmatism and cupholders.  Driving excitement wasn’t really on the menu, and as such there was no manual transmission car for me to learn on.  There have been other opportunities in the past, but all have been too short (“Hey, go back my truck out of the driveway.”) or in treacherous circumstances (“Let’s learn on this unpaved country road with a 20 foot drop on your left.”).  I’m fully open to the idea of learning, but I’ve yet to find a friend in my social circle who would be willing to let me abuse their clutch for an hour or two until I figure it out.

2. I’ve got a highly technical college degree in a field that still interests me, but I don’t use it.  My dusty diploma says “Cell Molecular Biology” all right, but I haven’t touched a test tube in more than three years.  I’m still passionate about genetic research, stem cells, and bioethics, but it’s not my profession anymore.  Why?  Because I just plain suck as a scientist.  I’m a much better salesman.

3. I own more shoes than my last girlfriend.  And I’m still buying more.  I’d take a twelve step program only if I could find a pair of casual black slip-ons to wear for the first 6-7 steps.

4. I love telling scar stories.  It’s not like I’ve been cut on a lot, or had a ton of injuries, but telling the stories behind my various scars provides a window into who I am and how I approach life.  From the childhood slash that runs across my forehead to the invisible one in my scalp to the disappointing collection on my torso, each one informs a period in my life.  Plus, when you get other people to tell their stories, it’s the same: every scar tells of a moment of weakness or strength.  I can’t think of a better icebreaker.

5. My fingers flex funny.  I don’t have much cartilage left in the third knuckle of any of my fingers, so I can bend them all backwards and stuff.  I don’t know if I was born this way, or if this is the result of years of not being able to catch passes when I played basketball.

6. My brothers and I descend in height in reverse birth order.  I’m the middle of three brothers; my older brother is 5’9” and change, I’m 5’11”, and my younger brother is 6’2” (I think).  All the bullying that Rick did finally caught up with him, once again proving one of my all-time hypotheses:  God has a very ironic sense of humor.

Since I’ve gotta tag people now, I’m going with Daniel, Kyle, Jen and Liz.  Get crack-a-lackin, y’all.



  1. you are weird! Heh. just joshin’.
    by the way, my URL changed and I dropped the subdomain.

  2. It’s 5’10” you dork!

  3. […] 17th, 2007 · 1 Comment I went and got myself tagged by Rob.  I am exhausted from working and being sick this week so I don’t have the energy to […]

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