None Shall Pass

January 22, 2007

It’s no big secret that I’m an obsessive music fan.  Perhaps it’s a compensation for the fact that I lack any discernable musical talent to call my own, but it’s a never-ending source of delight to me to find new bands, new songs, and new sounds.  Of particular beauty is live music: music was never meant to be heard through a set of speakers or headphones, disconnected from the artist who created the sounds that you are hearing.  You miss out on the direct emotional connection with the artist, and the collective spirit of the crowd as they are taken for a ride with the ebb and flow of the songs.

Lest I continue on in the above paragraph (which was starting to sound like an audition for the New Yorker), I’d like bring this down to a personal level.  When I find a band that I love, I will do my damnedest to see them live any time they’re within a reasonable distance.   With some of the smaller, more regional bands, this means that I’ve become a somewhat recognizable face in the crowd at their shows.  That does not necessarily mean I’m on first name basis, but they know the older-than-high school guy with the beard will likely be there if they hit Houston.

But that’s where it always stops, and that’s fine.  I guess I’ve been pondering the fan/friend dynamic, and realized that even though I’ve hung out with the bands that I love, I’ll never be friends with the members of the bands (at least in the same way that I’m friends with my social circle here in town).   I’m fine with that.  To reject that boundary and try to make something out of nothing there is when you become a stalker. 

I did realize that it is possible to be a friend of the band, though.  Bands do need the dedicated fans.  The ones who have bought their cd more times than they can remember, who buy the shirts and wear them like billboards, who talk about them on websites (heh.), and who invite friends to their shows.  That makes me a friend of the band.  And I don’t expect anything back from them except a commitment to give their all on stage when I’m there.  That’s the agreement, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Although going out to Taco Cabana and just chilling with them like real people is pretty cool too.



  1. Stop going to Java Jazz. I hear that is where Emo kids go to die and you are too young for that.

    BTW, having a category called “Pseudo-Angst” is by far the most Emo thing you’ve done all year. At least it isn’t breaking your New Year’s Resolution. 😉

  2. You seriously need a better header image. It has nothing to do with spears or magic helmets.

  3. I will make sure to never join a band, because I want to remain friends. But, if you want to just be a fan anyway, that is ok too.

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